Helping Hands for Mothers – before and after birth

Very often pregnant mothers are told that muscular pains are part of pregnancy and will go away with birth. However North Shore Osteopath’s Sharon Franklin, whose focus is on pre-natal, paediatric and cranial osteopathy says that help is at hand and it should not be ignored. If left untreated, it may increase the chances of a more difficult labour, which in turn, may increase the chances of having an unsettled baby.

Babies experience enormous pressure as they are pushed through the birth canal. At this stage the baby’s head is still very pliable. The soft bones overlap to accommodate this pressure but sometimes nerves and tissues can be affected depending on how difficult the process is. Everything is meant to spring back to normal but sometimes this does not happen and problems can occur. Most problems occur with long and difficult births, especially if the baby is breach or posterior, or if forceps or suction caps are used.

Osteopathic treatment during your pregnancy can make life easier for you and your baby. It not only relieves back and pelvic pain, sciatica, headaches and heartburn, but can maximise the available space for your baby. This makes Mum more comfortable and minimises pressure on the growing baby. The treatment ensures the spine and pelvis are as balanced and relaxed as possible. This means the mothers’ pelvis can adapt more easily to the birth process, making labour less traumatic for both mother and baby.

However sometimes difficult births cannot be avoided, so what do you do with a restless baby?

Unresolved birth strains may lead to a baby being unsettled and fractious, as well as leaving them vulnerable to musculo-skeletal problems such as back-ache and headaches as they grow.

Cranial Osteopaths have a highly developed sense of touch and are experts at releasing strain and tension in the body and restoring the proper balance to skeleton, circulatory and nervous systems. They follow the same traditional methods of osteopathy but place a special emphasis on the head. They use extremely gentle manual techniques to resolve these strains. It is non invasive and babies hardly notice a thing – most babies are relaxed and contented during treatment and can even be treated whilst feeding. It has great success with treating common problems with newborns such as colic, reflux and constipation.

Treatment can also assist with breast feeding problems which occur when pressure has caused the baby’s head to twist more on one side or palate or tongue position has been affected during birth.

Sharon Franklin who has had over 14 years of experience in Osteopathy, now has her own child and understands the importance of a happy and contented baby. .

Sharon was able to assist a new mother recently with breast feeding problems due to slow milk. One treatment of gentle spinal adjustments and muscle work resulted in a significant increase in milk flow. The mother was thrilled, as it meant she could continue with breast feeding, and not be concerned about her baby’s weight gain anymore.

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