Our Osteopaths

Our Osteopaths

Osteopaths are government registered practitioners, with a minimum of 4 years full time training. Osteopaths are primary care practitioners, which means you do not need a referral from a GP, as osteopaths are trained to determine if you will benefit from osteopathic treatment, or whether you need to be referred on. They can also refer you for any necessary x-rays or scans.

Osteopaths are a qualified and integral part of the Australian health care system. They work alongside GP’s, obstetricians, paediatricians, midwives, lactation consultants and other health care professionals. This ensures that each person treated at our osteopathic clinic is provided with the most effective and appropriate treatment plan and care.

They are members of  Osteopathy Australia. OA promotes osteopathic awareness, education and provides protection for the public, by only admitting osteopaths with approved levels of clinical training as members.Every member must complete a minimum of 25 hours continuing professional development per year, to ensure their knowledge remains current and up to date.

Trained in all areas of osteopathy and each has their own unique area of interest and focus.

Our osteopaths are fully committed to continued professional development and education and keep up-to-date with the latest clinical techniques and research. This consists of a broad range of seminars and formal training courses.

Meet the team

  • Dr Sharon Franklin

    Sharon is a British trained Osteopath, who treats the whole family. Her focus is on mums and bubs. Sharon has been keeping women comfortable during their pregnancy and caring for babies and children since 1995.

    Sharon has run successful practices in the UK, NZ and Australia. She founded NSO over 14 years ago and has built a team of equally caring osteopaths, dedicated to excellence in osteopathic care.

    Sharon’s entire focus is the individual patient. Listening to and HEARING their concerns, their past struggles with pain and what they want from the treatment. Sharon then formulates a treatment plan to meet those objectives. This includes working closely with other health professionals if she feels this is what they need.

    Sharon believes osteopathy provides not only pain relief, but a path to wellness and a better quality of life, especially for children.Sharon spent a year working at the world renowned Osteopathic Centre for Children in London. She saw children with asthma, cerebral palsy, Downs Syndrome, sleeplessness, behavioural problems, colic and glue ear.

    Sharon uses a combination of muscle work, spinal articulation, fascial release and cranial osteopathy. Her passion for cranial osteopathy was ignited when one of her tutors at the British School of Osteopathy in London treated her when she had a severe migraine. “I was due to sit an exam that day but the head pain and nausea were overwhelming. I usually had to go to bed and sleep it off. The pain started to lessen during the treatment, and within an hour I felt well enough to sit the exam. I was blown away and have spent the 24 years since that day furthering my knowledge and skills in cranial osteopathy”.

    Sharon’s other passion is breathing dysfunction. Over the years, she has seen how the way a person breathes can impact on their health, how it can help maintain chronic muscular problems (neck pain, back pain and headaches), and what a powerful tool breathing exercises can be in helping children and adults to manage anxiety and reduce pain. This has led her to complete a number of post-graduate courses in breathing physiology , assessment and retraining.

    Sharon’s Training

    Sharon graduated from the prestigious British School of Osteopathy in London . She undertook a 4 Year Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Osteopathy. This included over 2,000 hours of hands on clinical training, assessing and treating patients under the supervision of experienced osteopaths. She has completed intensive post-graduate courses in paediatrics, pregnancy and post-natal osteopathic care and cranial osteopathy. She has also studied embryology,ergonomics and workplace assessment, repetitive strain injury and breathing dysfunction a

    Sharon was a member of the Osteopathy Australia NSW State Council for 2 years , assisting with the continuing Professional Development Program for the Osteopathic Profession. She was also part of the Assistant Tutor program for the Sutherland Cranial Teaching Foundation of Australia and New Zealand.

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  • Dr Sarah Graeme-Evans

    Sarah is an Australian trained Osteopath, graduating from Victoria University in Melbourne in 2010. She has had clinical experience in Victoria and Tasmania prior to NSW, working with a diverse range of patients.

    After starting a degree in Bachelor of Exercise Science, Sarah discovered her interest in Osteopathic Care. She went on to undertake a 5 year double degree: Bachelor of Clinical Science (Osteopathy) and a Masters of Health Science (Osteopathy).

    Sarah is dedicated to holistic patient care and the application of Osteopathic Treatment and Management to clients of all ages. She has always held a strong interest in Paediatrics and Women’s Health (particularly pregnancy), with her Thesis Title: “The development of a Preliminary Osteopathic Physical Examination for assessing infants aged 0‐6 months”. Since then she has continued to grow and expand her passion and knowledge in this field with specific courses on Pregnancy and a focus on pre and post natal care.

    Sarah has a strong personal sporting background, and it was through her own struggle with recurrent injuries and seeking alternate care that lead her to a career in Osteopathy. She understands the drive and commitment all athlete’s have in wanting to be top of their game in the activity they love. Sarah is committed in helping her patients reach their goals and return to their sport as quickly, safety and pain free as possible. Her clinical experience in this field was first in Melbourne where she worked as a sports trainer and part of the medical management team for Australian Football League. She has furthered her experience undertaking courses to better understand chronic pain and its effect on our mental and physical ability.

    She has added to her training the application of neuromuscular dry needling to further assist her patients and optimise their care.

    Throughout her education Sarah developed a particular interest in Anatomy and physiology. She continued to develop her skills and further her knowledge working in teaching roles for Victoria University as a laboratory technician and demonstrator for dissection, and as a tutor for undergraduate human anatomy.

    Through her caring approach, combined with energy and enthusiasm: Sarah is dedicated to assisting her patients reach optimal health and complete well-being.

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  • Dr Kate Spiller

    Kate originally began studying Osteopathy in 1999. At the time, she was a competitive Cross- Country skier and was receiving Osteopathic treatment herself during training and racing. From her experience of receiving Osteopathic treatment Kate realised the benefits of such treatments, especially for athletes.

    She became passionate about Osteopathy and decided to embark on a career in that field.

    Kate completed her 5year double degree at RMIT University(Bachelor of Applied Clinical Science/Bachelor of Osteopathic Science) and graduated in 2003.From here, Kate worked in a clinic in Port Macquarie, and then Overseas in bothIreland and New Zealand.

    Whilst in New Zealand she workedin a Children’s Osteopathic Clinic. Kate found the experience of working with children most rewarding and turned herfocus to paediatrics. Shedeveloped a love for treating children and infants, and began to specialise,developing her skills and gainingexperience in this field.

    In 2007, Kate moved to the Northern beaches and begun work as a Clinician at the University of Western Sydney, teaching 4thand 5thYear Osteopathic students as well as examining and assessing final year Osteopathic students.

    Whilst working at the University Katealsoworked at several clinics throughout Sydney,she foundthe professionalism and atmosphere of the NSOClinic to be the most rewarding. She really enjoyed and benefitted fromthe experience ofworkingalongside Dr Sharon Franklin. The NSO Clinic eventually became her sole workplace.

    Along with a focus on Paediatrics, Kate has also experienced a great deal of successand enjoymenttreating women through their pregnancyand postpartumand continues to work in this area.

    She has continued to further develop her skills by completing postgraduate courses in Paediatric Osteopathy,Cranial Osteopathy, Balance Ligamentous Tension, Biodynamics, and Sports Injury Rehabilitation.Kate is also qualified to assess and fit patients with Proprioceptive Insoles, having completed the appropriate training course withProprioceptive Australia Pty Ltd.

    Over that time Kate has become a mother of two, and with the knowledge that comes through experience, and Post Graduate Study,she continues to offer Osteopathic care to the whole family in a relaxed and caring environment.

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  • Dr Laura Jennings

    Laura is a passionate, caring Osteopath, graduating from Victoria University in Melbourne in 2009. Since then she has worked at some renowned clinics in Melbourne, working with a diverse range of patients.

    Laura has completed extensive clinical pilates courses through Polestar Pilates Australia and Dance Medicine Australia and has been teaching clinical pilates classes along side her osteopathy treatments for 9years.

    Laura is particularly passionate about pre and post natal health, in particular helping women recover and rebuild post natally. During her masters study she completed a thesis involving the measurement of transversus abdominjs (core muscle) using real time ultrasound. This passion has only strengthened since the birth or her two daughters.

    Laura had completed further study into specific courses on Pregnancy, sports injury rehab and running biomechanics

    Laura was an elite school swimmer and then has since competed in triathalons and half marathons and she loved being involved in the management of athletes of all abilities- especially weekend warriors!

    Laura looks forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your health goals.

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