We are open Monday to Friday and Saturday mornings.  We have early morning and late afternoon appointments available.  Reception hours are 8.30am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday

Appointments are 45 minutes

No.  You can make an appointment directly without a referral.  If you have been diagnosed with a chronic medical condition and require complex care, you may be eligible for Chronic Disease Management (CDM) assistance.  Your GP will be able to tell you if you’re eligible and complete a special referral form for you.

Osteopaths are government registered practitioners with a minimum of 4 years full time training.  They are bound by strict regulations and most complete a minimum of 25 hours continuing professional development per year.

Osteopaths are primary care practitioners, which means they are trained to determine if you are safe to treat, of if you need to be referred to a GP or specialist.

You do not need a referral to see an osteopath.

Your osteopath will begin by taking a detailed case history of the issue you are struggling with, as well as any medical conditions.  They will ask about the problem you have come in with and your medical history.

They will also ask you about any medication you may be taking, about your workload, and any exercise you may do.  This information helps your osteopath to determine if it is appropriate to treat you, and if there is anything you can do to help you get better more quickly.

Your osteopath will conduct an examination and clinical tests, tailored specifically to your needs.

This will include orthopaedic or neurological tests, and postural assessments and exercises, which will determine how best to manage your condition.

You may be asked to stand and bend forward or to the side with your back exposed so your osteopath can see how your spine moves.  Your osteopath can provide a gown if you wish.  Please make sure you wear comfortable and appropriate underwear.

Osteopathy takes a whole body approach to treatment.  Your osteopath may look at other areas of your body as well as the painful area.  This is because you may have stiffness or restriction in one joint, or one part of your spine that is causing the problem you have come in with.

Osteopathic treatment involves gentle hands-on work to release muscle tightness and joint restriction.

You may experience some soreness for a day of two after treatment.  If this soreness persists, call your osteopath.

Your osteopath will be able to give you an idea of the number of treatments you’ll need once they have taken your case history and examined you.  The exact number will depend on:

  • What’s wrong
  • How long you have had the problem for
  • If there is anything you have to do at work or home that may be aggravating the problem. (eg a poor work station set-up, or having to lift/carry babies or young children.

The other deciding factor will be what you want from the treatment.  Some people simply want some pain relief, others want to address the underlying issues that caused the problem.  This obviously will take longer.

Yes, all of our osteopaths have under graduate training in cranial osteopathy.  Most of them have completed at least one post graduate course in cranial osteopathy, run by the Sutherland Cranial Teaching foundation of Australia and New Zealand http://www.sctfanz.org.au

Yes! We treat every part of the body.

Osteopaths are trained in spinal manipulation but will only ‘crack’ your joints IF

  1. It is appropriate and
  2. If you give your consent

Spinal manipulation is one technique, there are also many other (more gentle ways) to treat you.  Just tell your Osteopath if you do not like having your spine clicked!

Yes.  You can see any Osteopath in the clinic and they will have access to your history.

Please bring any previous x-rays or scans to your first appointment.  We can also send you for an x-ray or ultrasound if required.

Yes.  Each consultation room has a toy box to keep your little one occupied while you are being treated.

After the consultation your health fund card is swiped through the HICAPS terminal.

Once your claim is authorised, you simply pay the gap amount – the difference between the full fee for the treatment and the amount claimed from your health fund.

Please refer to your health fund for further information to check that osteopathic treatment is covered.

North Shore Osteopaths is a busy clinic and we have people in pain and unhappy babies waiting for appointments.

If you are unable to make your appointment, please contact us on 02 9907 8919 at least 24 hours prior to your appointment time. (Do Not reply to the text message reminder).

If you give 12-24 hours notice of cancellation, you will be charged 50% of the treatment fee, if you give less than 12 hours, the full fee will be charged.

We will, however, do ALL we can to fill your appointment and if we manage to get someone to take your place, you will not be charged.

Yes.  We do have a waiting list.  Just give the clinic a call on 02 9907 8919 and request to be placed on the waitlist.  If an appointment becomes available we call to offer you a time.

There is free visitor parking under the building, and 3 hours free in the ground floor Woolworth’s car park at the mall, which is a 1 minute walk.

If you are bringing your baby or young child in for treatment, your osteopath will start by discussing your concerns in detail.  They will ask you in detail about the pregnancy and delivery.

They will gently examine your baby or child looking for tightness or restriction that may be contributing to their problem.

They will also conduct any necessary orthopaedic or neurological tests, before explaining what they have found and what course of treatment they recommend.


Babies can be assessed and treated from birth.  Please call and discuss your situation with one of our osteopaths so we can advise you on the best timing of treatment.

Please bring your baby’s blue book.

No.  We can work around feeding times.  Sometimes it can be helpful to treat your baby while they are feeding.