Pelvic Floor Consultations
Pelvic Floor Consultations Pelvic health consultations are performed by an osteopath who has done additional training in treating conditions that commonly affect women. This often involves treating issues related to pelvic floor, incontinence, pain around the back, hips or SIJ or any pre or postnatal concerns such as prolapse or Diastasis Recti. Or you may...
Tongue Tie
Tongue Tie Heard about tongue ties in babies? Are you wondering if your baby might have one? Here are 2 simple checks you can do: When your baby cries, does the whole of their tongue lift up close to the roof of their mouth? When they are asleep, if you gently pull their lower lip...
Breathing Breathing is special ....and not just for the obvious reasons. Breathing keeps you alive, and it is something you do without thinking, but did you know that the WAY you breathe can have a MASSIVE impact on your quality of life? Let’s start with the muscles you use to breathe. you use your neck...
Migraine & Headache

Muscle tension and joint restriction in the neck and shoulders are a major cause

Cranial Osteopathy

We provide general osteopathic treatment for adults and focus on the treatment


Over the course of a pregnancy, a woman’s body must be able to adapt

Babies & Children

Paediatric osteopathy is based on the principle that many common ailments