Arthritic Symptoms

Arthritic joints?

Many people with wear and tear (or arthritis) in their joints, even those waiting for hip or knee replacements, are not aware of the symptomatic relief that osteopathic treatment may provide.

The pain is caused as the cartilage, or padding between the bones, begins to wear away and the muscles around the affected joint tighten up to protect it from further damage. Osteopathic  treatment gently relieves this muscle tightness, which often reduces the pain in the area, and may improve the mobility of the joint.

Osteopathic treatment will also involve ensuring that other parts of the body are working well to minimise the stress on the damaged joint.

What will your osteopath do?

Your osteopath will complete a thorough case history and examination. They will then explain in detail:

  • How osteopathy can help you.
  • What is wrong and which muscles, joints or nerves are causing your pain.
  • Why it has happened.
  • What treatment you require.
  • Provide you with a treatment plan with milestones to help measure your progress.
  • Refer you to other practitioners if required such as GP’s, Radiologists, Paediatricians etc.
  • How many sessions they think it will take to relieve the pain and resolve the problem.
  • What you can do to speed your recovery.
  • The things you must do to avoid prolonging or aggravating the injury.
  • What can be done, through treatment and management, to ensure the problem does not recur.

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