Breathing is special ….and not just for the obvious reasons.

Breathing keeps you alive, and it is something you do without thinking, but did you know that the WAY you breathe can have a MASSIVE impact on your quality of life?

Let’s start with the muscles you use to breathe.

  • you use your neck muscles to lift your upper ribs
  • you use your diaphragm to expand your lower ribs

The ideal is you mainly use your diaphragm and only use your neck muscles when you exercise. Many people, though, breathe more using their upper ribs. This can contribute to neck pain and headaches as the neck muscles get over – loaded and tired.

Next, there is the impact on your oxygen and carbon dioxide levels. If your breathing isn’t optimal, it can alter your oxygen – carbon dioxide balance. This, in turn, can alter your body’s pH, or how acidic your body is.

Every part of your body needs a neutral pH to function well. If this balance is disturbed, it can cause a lot of strange symptoms. Eg , dizziness, feelings of panic, difficulty sleeping, headaches, stomach pain, gut disturbance, to name but a few .

The good news is that you can consciously take control of your breathing and learn to breathe more efficiently.

This can not only relieve pain but can help you SLEEP BETTER and reduce anxiety.

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