Osteopathy for Pregnant Women

Over the course of a pregnancy, a woman’s body must be able to adapt to the gradual increase in her weight and shift in her centre of gravity, as well as make room for the baby as it grows. To do this, her body needs to be strong and flexible.

Any old injuries, underlying muscle tightness, joint restriction or pelvic instability will impair her ability to adapt and may result in pain.

Back, neck, pelvic and leg pain during pregnancy is extremely common and therefore often considered normal. This does not mean that women need put up with the pain! Pain or discomfort is a signal that the body is struggling and needs help.


Where does osteopathy fit in?

Osteopathic treatment and advice provides this help by maximising the body’s ability to adapt to the growing baby. Treatment may be helpful at the following stages:

  • Pre-conception – to lay the groundwork for a more comfortable and enjoyable pregnancy by resolving any pre-existing injuries.
  • During pregnancy – to help the body adapt to the postural demands of the growing baby. Maximising pelvic mobility can also help to minimise the chances of a problematic labour.*
  • Post-natal – to help the woman recover from the birth. Treatment is aimed at gently easing sore and tired muscles and rebalancing the pelvis.

It can also help relieve back pain from breast feeding and lifting the baby.

*Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment in Pre-natal care. Evidence supporting improved outcomes and health policy implications. Hollis H King. AAO Journal 2000


Is it safe to have treatment during pregnancy?

Yes. Treatment techniques are extremely gentle and are carefully selected for each individual.

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