Dr Emma Berry

Dr Emma Beryy

Emma Berry is passionate about treating women’s health complaints, pelvic pain, pelvic floor dysfunction, neck pain, headaches, jaw problems, rib pain and pregnancy & postpartum complaints. Having lived with chronic pelvic pain for many years herself, this is an area that she is particularly passionate about as she understands the enormous impact that a chronic health condition can have on multiple aspects of one’s life.

Emma strives to provide holistic, nurturing and quality healthcare to all individuals. Being extremely passionate about all things women’s health, she is a firm believer that ‘knowledge is power’ and aims to do this through educating, supporting and empowering women to respect and better understand their bodies. Emma is dedicated to supporting and caring for women throughout their pregnancy journey and postpartum years as they adapt to their new lifestyle.

Emma places strong value on the importance of giving every patient the encouragement and support they need to thrive, reach their goals and take ownership of their wellbeing. This patient – centred approach is very important to her and Emma aims to make everyone feel that they are heard, acknowledged and supported throughout their healthcare journey.

Emma has undertaken further courses that involve management of pelvic & perineum pain, incontinence, painful intercourse, dysmenorrhea, pregnancy & postpartum complaints, labour and birth preparation and chronic pelvic pain associated with endometriosis/adenomyosis, TMJ issues & migraines, chronic pain and running related injuries.

Emma is a one of only a handful of osteopaths in Australia who has completed advanced training in Pelvic Floor assessment and treatment (this includes internal examination if indicated).

Emma loves educating, supporting and empowering women to respect and better understand their bodies. She places great importance on educating patients on self management strategies to complement her osteopathic treatment.