Do you suffer from a weak bladder?

Do you suffer from a weak bladder? Do you have difficulty with going to the toilet one way or the other? Are you a woman who experiences period pain or pain or decreased sensation during intercourse? If so, you may benefit from doing pelvic floor exercises. These exercises are widely taught now, however it is believed that the relaxation phase is just as important to control as the contraction phase.

Your pelvic floor muscles are located around your reproductive and excretion areas.

There are several groups of muscles which make up the pelvic floor, overlapping each other to form a supportive sling-like structure.

Handy tip: To squeeze your pelvic floor muscles from front to back, then relax them from back to front: first gently squeeze the front area like you are trying not to do a ‘number 1’ then squeeze the middle area, then the back area like you are trying not to do a ‘number 2’, then relax the back area, the middle area and lastly the front area.

If the relaxation phase feels difficult to do or is painful, your pelvic floor muscles may be too tight. If the contraction phase feels too difficult to do, some of your muscles may not be ‘communicating’ with each other optimally.

To have your pelvic floor muscles assessed and treated, come in and see us for an appointment